Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tenn. Tree Toppers Team Challange for 2010 Awarded

The Tenn. Tree Toppers were awarded an Foundation grant in Sept. for the promotion of their Competition.

The Request from Tenn. Tree Toppers was as follows:
The TTT hope to continue in our quest to promote and develop free flight thru our club's many projects. The Team Challenge has proven to be a very successful venue for this effort. TTT would like bring our program to other clubs and to pilots who may have difficulty financing a trip to Tennessee for this week of learning thru friendly competition. We ask the Foundation for Free Flight to sponsor 5 pilots 2010 for our Team Challenge. We would like to place an emphasis on finding "A" pilots who would like to come, learn from us, then promote similar events in their home flying communities, and "B" and "C" pilots who are motivated pilots who are recommended by their local flying clubs for our teaching meet! The ground amount of $700 would provide entrance fees for five pilots.

For more information Contact the Foundation.

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